Intravenous Injection Of The

Materials Injectate

1-ml syringe with 25- to 30-G needle

Additional reagents and equipment for anesthesia (unit 1.4)

1. Anesthetize the rat.

2. Fill syringe with injectate and remove air bubbles.

3. Place the rat in a supine position. Extrude the glans penis by sliding the prepuce downwards and pressing at the base of the penis. Hold the glans at the tip with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Without applying too much tension on the penis, the penile vein is visible as a central vein or sinus (Fig. 1.6.5; Waynforth, 1980).

4. Advance needle at a shallow angle, bevel upward, into the vein.

dorsal penile vein dorsal penile vein

Rat Penile Vein
Figure 1.6.5 Intravenous injection of the rat in the dorsal penile vein.

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