As in mice except Citrobacter freundii and with the addition of cilia-associated respiratory bacillus (RT)

Ectromelia (integument) GD VII (CNS)

Lactic dehydrogenase elevating virus (liver) Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (CNS) Mouse hepatitis virus (DT) Pneumonia virus of mice (RT) Reo-3 (IT) Sendai (RT)

Epizootic diarrhea of infant mice (IT)

Pneumonia virus of mice (RT) Reo-3 (IT)

Sialodacrioadenitis virus (salivary glands)


Aspicularis tetraptera Syphacia obvelata

Skin and fur mites

Myobia musculi Myocoptes musculinus Radfordia affinis


Pneumocystis carinii


Aspicularis tetraptera Syphacia muris Syphacia obvelata

Skin and fur mites

Notoedres muris (ear mite) Radfordia ensifera


As in mice except Mycoplasma spp., Corynebacterium, and Streptobacillus moniliformis

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