Vaginal Candidiasis In Mice

Vaginitis in rodents is inducible under conditions of pseudoestrus. Mice given a vaginal inoculum of C. albicans under these conditions acquire a persistent vaginal infection, while mice inoculated in the absence of estrogen resolve the infection within 3 weeks. This protocol describes vaginal candidiasis in estrogenized CBA/J mice, a model of infection particularly suitable for studies on local and peripheral immune reactivity occurring in this infection.


Female CBA/J (H-2a) mice, 8 to 10 weeks of age (Charles River) Estradiol valerate (Sigma) dissolved in sesame oil immediately before use C. albicans blastospores, 3153 serotype A (3153A; ATCC) PBS (appendix 2), sterile

Sabouraud's dextrose agar (see recipe): 9-cm plates containing 50 pg/ml chloramphenicol

Additional reagents and equipment for subcutaneous injection (unit 1.6), preparation of Candida suspension (see Support Protocol 1), and PAS staining (see Support Protocol 3)

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