Clonorchiasis A condition caused by the presence of the fluke Clonorchis sinensis in the bile duct.

Clone 1. Population of cells or organisms formed by repeated asexual division from a single common ancestral cell or organism. 2. Genetically engineered replicas of DNA sequences.

Cloned DNA Any DNA sequence or fragment that has been inserted into a cloning vector and replicated in the host organism.

Cloned Library A collection of cloned DNA sequences representative of the genome of the organism under study.

Clonotype 1. The homogeneous cell type of a clone of cells. 2. The phenotype of a clone of cells.

Clopamide (mol wt 346) An antihypertensive agent.

Cloperastine (mol wt 330) An antitussive agent.

Clopidogrel (mol wt 322) An ADP receptor antagonist used as an antiplatelet agent.

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