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Antianemic 1. Preventing or correcting anemia. 2. Any agent capable of preventing or correcting anemia, e.g., vitamen B12.

Antianemic Factor Referring to vitamin B12.

Antianginal 1. Capable of preventing or relieving angina pectoris by enlarging arteries of the heart and improving blood flow. 2. A drug that is capable of preventing or relieving angina pectoris.

Antiantibody An antibody directed against an antigenic determinant on an antibody molecule.

Antiantidote Substance that blocks the action of an antidote.

Antianxiety Capable of preventing or relieving anxiety.

Antiarachnolysin An antitoxin that blocks the action of arachnolysin (a hemolytic compound from spider venoms).

a-Antiarin (mol wt 567) A cardioactive glycoside isolated from the latex of the upas tree (Antiaris toxicaria). It causes vomiting, evacuation, protration, and death.

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