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The book is written for a lay audience: patients, their families, and caregivers. Part I presents a primer on kidneys, explaining what happens when kidneys fail and some of the reasons that might have led to their failure. Once that is established, we then move on to what can be done to make life better for a kidney failure patient.

Part II deals with treatment of kidney failure in the predialysis stage, in twelve steps. Chapter 7 sets forth the low-protein diet in detail and contains lists of common foods in order of their protein-to-calorie ratio and their phosphorus-to-calorie ratio (not previously published); this is invaluable information for patients who want to follow the life-saving low-protein, low-phosphorus diet.

Part III deals with measuring the progression of kidney failure, dietary treatment of the nephrotic syndrome (a related condition), medications for people with kidney failure, when to opt for dialysis, transplantation, and several case histories. A list of resources, including books, web sites, and useful products follows, as does a discussion of government support for low-protein diets. Notes are supplied to identify the sources of the information provided, but may be too technical for many readers. A glossary defines unfamiliar terms.

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