Several applications are described below to demonstrate the wide possibilities of LATMAG that can be relevant to the quantitative detection of almost all biomolecules. Protocols are almost the same whatever the analyte to be assayed. Incubation of magnetic and latex biosensitized particles occurs in the presence of targeted molecules, in an appropriate buffer containing salts and nonionic detergents. Afterward, the test tube is placed in the strong magnetic field generated by a rare earth alloy. After magnetic sedimentation, the supernatant is removed. Dumbbells and free magnetic particles that cannot be physically separated at this stage are dispersed in the desired buffer, and observed by eye, analyzed by spectrophotometry to measure the absorbance, or deposited onto a glass slide that is placed under a microscope to determine the number of latex particles. Reference samples without target are always needed to evaluate the amount of nonspecific adsorption of magnetic particles onto latex microspheres. Finally, after subtraction of this background, the detection signal can be reported as a function of searched analyte concentration. The sensitivity threshold is defined as the minimal target molecule concentration enabling a detection signal higher than that obtained for the background noise measured on 10 samples plus three times the standard deviation.

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