Microspheres Loaded With Bioactive Compounds

There are four strategies that can be used for incorporation of bioactive compounds into microspheres obtained by dispersion ring-opening polymerization:

1. Precipitation of bioactive compound during polymerization onto growing microspheres and its penetration into particles

FIG. 23 Stability of poly(l,l-lactide) microspheres atbilized with SDS and Triton X-405 surfactants as a function of ionic strength and pH.

2. Chemical binding of bioactive compound molecules to growing polymer chains (bioactive compound acting as chain transfer agent)

3. Swelling of synthesized microspheres with bioactive compound

4. Adsorption of bioactive compounds onto surface of microspheres

Examples of incorporation of bioactive compounds into poly(l,l-lactide) and poly(e-caprolactone) microspheres according to the listed strategies are given below.

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