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Caroline Ross And Kate E Jones

Compared to 12 years maximum recorded longevity). Despite this, Figure 4.1 shows that the population growth of the patas is only slightly more rapid than that of the titis, with the latter taking only two years more to reach a female population of 2000 (35 years compared to 33 years).

Gender Ethnicracial And Life Span Considerations

The incidence of gallbladder disease increases with age. Most patients are middle-aged or older women, often ones who have borne several children and gained weight during the aging process. Since there is a tendency for gallbladder disease to be familial, some young people of both sexes with a familial history can be affected, as well as young women who have taken oral contraceptives. Risk

The Complete Cast Crown Preparation

Although esthetic factors may limit its application, the all-metal complete cast crown should always be offered to patients requiring restoration for badly damaged posterior teeth. The complete cast crown has the best longevity of all fixed restorations. It can be used to rebuild a single tooth or as a retainer for a fixed partial denture (FPD). It involves all axial walls as well as the occlusal surface of the tooth being restored (Fig. 8-1).

Heterologous Cartilage Grafts Xenographs

Zyplast (Collagen Corporation, Palo Alto, CA) has been used as a temporary implant to camouflage contour abnormalities of the nasal dorsum during the convalescent period of rhinoplasty and to temporize before revision surgery. It also may be helpful to act as a spacer to prevent scar contracture of the nasal tissues before augmenting with a more permanent implant. The expense and transient longevity are negative points for its use. In addition, a skin test is necessary before injection to identify patients who might be sensitive to bovine collagen. Some surgeons recommend two skin tests separated by 30 days to identify additional patients who might demonstrate sensitivity.

Alloplastic Implants

Maas et al.17 pointed out that the clinical efficacy of implant material over the long term is dependent on the stability of the material to chemical degradation such as by hydrolysis and other oxidation-reduction reactions, as well as physiologic cellular activity directed against the material. The porosity of the implant materials plays an important role in host tissue ingrowth and subsequent stability. In addition, such factors as thin skin overlying the implant, scarring of the tissue bed, and the architecture facilitating stabilization of the implant play crucial roles in determining the longevity of the clinical result.17

Age Related Macular Degeneration

Elevation of IOP results from a deposition of extracellular matrix (ECM) in the anterior chamber, and thus blockage of the AH drainage pathway, the TM and Schlemm's canal. The ECM is composed of numerous proteins, modified glycoproteins, and glycosaminoglycans, including hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, keratin sulfate, and heparin sulfate. The abnormal deposition and or clearance of ECM in glaucomatous patients may also result from TM cell death and loss of phagocytic activity during the aging process. Coupled with these phenomena is perhaps the decreased ability of TM cells to liberate local matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), that can digest the ECM and remodel and maintain the anterior chamber architecture and function. There is increasing evidence that increased concentration of tissue growth factor- 2 (TGF-P2) observed in ocular hypertensive glaucoma patients contributes to the elevation of ECM in the TM. The loss of MMP activity could also be due to TGF-...

Technical Considerations and Limitations

Protein knockdowns are typically confirmed by Western blot analysis, immunofluorescence, or flow cytometry. Although, RNAi generally occurs within 24 h of transfection, both onset and duration of RNAi depend on the turnover rate of the protein of interest, as well as the rate of dilution and longevity of the siRNAs.

Indoxacarb and Insecticide Resistance

Insect pests representing eight species (H. vires-cens, H. armigera, S. exigua, S. eridania, S. littoralis, P. xylostella, and T. absoluta) in over 20 countries have been targeted for a sustained susceptibility monitoring program by DuPont Agricultural Products (Andaloro, unpublished data). These populations are evaluated by a feeding assay throughout each season in locations that have a history of insecticide resistance, and where a significant number of indoxacarb applications are made, so that early signs of resistance can be detected before widespread field failures occur. This proactive approach to indoxacarb resistance management is beneficial not only for preservation of this product in key markets, but also to maintain its usefulness as a rotation partner, thus promoting the longevity of other products with different modes of action, and

R Duane Douglas contributing author

Hygienic Pontics Dental

Pontics are the artificial teeth of a fixed partial denture that replace missing natural teeth, restoring function and appearance. They must be compatible with continued oral health and comfort. The edentulous areas where a fixed prosthesis is to be provided may be overlooked during the treatment-planning phase. Unfortunately, any deficiency or potential problem that may arise during the fabrication of a pontic is often identified only after the teeth have been prepared or even when the master cast is ready to be sent to the laboratory. Proper preparation includes a careful analysis of the critical dimensions of the edentulous areas mesiodistal width, occlusocervical distance, buccolingual diameter, and location of the residual ridge. To design a pontic that will meet hygienic requirements and prevent irritation of the residual ridge, particular attention must be given to the form and shape of the gingival surface. Merely replicating the form of the missing tooth or teeth is not...

Heart Disease Mortality

CHD has an enormous global economic impact in terms of both the costs to society for treatments and hospitalizations as well as in decreased longevity. WHO estimates that in 2002 the 'healthy years of life lost' due to heart disease approached 10 in low and middle-income countries and rose to approximately 18 in higher-income countries.3 In the US alone, the economic costs due to CHD have been estimated at 400 billion annually.

Denotes serious illness in male and female

One of the most difficult times for patients and families is the change from treatment which is aimed at prolonging life to the terminal stage of the illness. Rolland (1991) identifies this as often ambiguous and urges medical practitioners to make this more explicit so that families can concentrate on the quality of their interactions.

Introduction to the Opportunistic Biplane Facelift

The biplane facelift described in this chapter is based on principles that increase aesthetics and longevity with limited morbidity. Facial aging is most pronounced from changes occurring in the deeper musculofascial plane that result in ptosis of the malar fat pad, jowl region, nasolabial folds, and neck. Precise elevation and rotation of this plane is accomplished using this biplane facelift technique. We call the operation opportunistic, because there is no set anatomic limit to the deep-plane dissection. Rather, it is based on the concept of elevating tissue to the point where the flap can be easily advanced with the effect of providing adequate lift in the mid- and lower midface regions. Generally, this point is quite obvious. A rather sharp release is effected when sufficient elevation is accomplished, and the surgeon observes a marked lifting effect around the anterior cheek and the corner of the mouth.

Antireductionism and the Organization of Nature

The history of biology is marked by continuing opposition between reductionists and antireductionists. Reductionism thrives on exploiting the charge that it provides the only alternative to the mushy incomprehensibility of vitalism. Antireductionists reply that their opponents have ignored the organismic complexity of nature. Given the picture painted above, where does this traditional dispute now stand

Porcelainalloy Bonding

The formation of a strong bond between the opaque porcelain layer and the cast alloy is essential for the longevity of the metal-ceramic restoration. Extensive research over the past three decades has provided insight into the important factors for achieving metal-ceramic bonding. Early work18 established the importance of wetting the alloy surface by the porcelain at the firing temperature. Although similar measurements of contact angles have not been reported for current dental porcelains and casting alloys, good wetting is essential to minimize porosity at the metal-ceramic interface. A detailed relationship between the elevated-temperature contact angle and metal-ceramic bonding has not been established, but the research by O'Brien and Ryge18 indicates that perfect wetting (a contact angle of 0 ) does not occur.

Osteoporosis and Fracture Risk

Incidence of fracture increases with age, and associated increased risk of trauma with falls, which is an independent contributor. The most common fractures occur in the spine, and their frequency increases progressively in women and men beginning in the sixth and seventh respective decades of life. The most serious fractures are of the hip. The incidence of these increases steadily, reaching a rate of about 5 per year in the ninth decade of life. Approximately 70-75 of all hip fractures occur in women, likely due to their earlier and more dramatic bone loss, gender-based differences in bone mass, and greater longevity. Men reach the fracture threshold about a decade later than women. With the continued increase in life expectancy due to medical and other advancements it is projected that the incidence of osteoporotic fractures will reach epidemic proportions within the next couple of decades if effective means to combat them are not implemented.

Large Scale Virus Vector Based Libraries

One major criticism of cell-based screening in general is that the cell lines normally used to measure gene function are too far removed from physiologically relevant cell types such as those derived directly from primary tissue. This is partly due to the difficulty of obtaining a primary cell type with the longevity in culture required for engineering, if necessary, or for the screen itself, and due to the difficulty of delivering genetic material to these cell types. Most applications involve transient delivery of genetic material using lipid-based transfection reagents to which many primary cell types are resistant. To overcome this obstacle for more physiologically relevant screens, vector-based RNA interference libraries have been constructed in recombinant retroviral vectors.171'172 Retroviruses afford the ability to introduce transgenes via stable infection to a broad range of primary tissue types (and cell lines) with high efficiency. For example, Berns et al. synthesized...

Prevention of dementia I

Increasing age is the most established risk factor for dementia, though there is still debate about whether the risk continues to increase after the age of 90. Some authorities believe that there may be a reduction of the risk others suggest that the rate of dementia in centenarians may be at least 70 per cent. It also remains unclear whether the increased rates of dementia in old age are caused by the ageing process itself or by other diseases or events that are themselves age-related. Obviously we do not want to prevent a person from getting older, but a better understanding of the ageing process and of factors that enhance its effects may lead to some useful prevention strategies.4

Determination of the NOAEL

Ideally, in a long-term toxicity study, the highest dose should evoke symptoms of toxicity without causing excessive mortality, and the lowest dose should not interfere with development, normal growth, and longevity. In between, doses should be selected sufficiently high to induce minimal toxic effects. The determination of an adverse effect in a particular study depends not only on the doses tested, but also on the types of parameters measured and the ability to distinguish between a real adverse effect and a false positive finding. In long-term toxicity tests, the average value of a specific parameter at a particular dose level is compared with the average value of the parameter in control animals. An effect can then be defined in purely statistical terms as a significant deviation of a control value. However, in determining an adverse effect, the biological relevance of this deviation should be taken into consideration. If, for example, a slight but significant alteration is only...

Background Information

The intracellular dye CFSE is cell permeant and remains nonfluorescent until cellular esterases cleave carboxyl groups from the molecule, rendering it both nonpermeant and fluorescent. In addition, the succinimidyl moiety covalently attaches to amine groups, and thereby contributes to the longevity of staining. During cell division, CFSE is distributed equally between daughter cells. This has been validated by simultaneous quenching of Hoechst dye fluorescence by BrdU to determine cell division (Lyons and Parish, 1994). Depending on the intensity of the starting fluorescence, around eight discrete division cycles can be determined using this standard protocol in hematopoietic cells. The number of divisions which can be followed is limited only by the autofluorescence level of unlabeled cells and the uniformity in size of the labeled cell population. As a dividing cell population approaches this autofluorescence level, the division peaks start to compress, preventing resolution beyond...

Mary Alice ODowd and Maria Fernanda Gomez

Shakespeare's Macbeth recognized the vital role of sleep in the renewal and nourishment of mind and body, but until recently, medical science has tended to give sleep disorders scant attention. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder, can be a symptom of many disorders and has been described as a major public health problem that impacts the lives of millions of individuals, their families, and communities (NIH, 2005). However, random studies of adults have found that the majority of those with sleep complaints are unlikely to broach the topic with a health care provider (Martin and Ancoli-Israel, 2003). When a patient does complain of insomnia, the complaint may be either given short shrift by the clinician or a sleep medication maybe prescribed for short-term use without much attention to the etiology of the complaint or to follow-up. Insomnia is not just an annoyance. It has been shown to affect cognitive functioning, quality of life, and even longevity (Martin and Ancoli-Israel,...

Is Objectives And Procedures

To minimize any dissolution of the luting agent, a 1-mm-wide band of metal must be obtained that is closely adapted to the tooth surface.' A defect within this zone can significantly reduce a restoration's longevity. Good adaptation is obtained by carefully reflowing the wax pattern (Fig. 29-2). With careful standardization of technique, the dentist can achieve predictable and consistent results.

Advisory Committee Preparation and Execution

In addition to the briefing documents and the presentations, the advisory committee process provided an opportunity for patients on the drug and patient advocacy groups to speak during the public session. The well-prepared and thoughtful presentations by the families of patients about their experience with Aldurazyme for nearly 5 years was compelling testimony as to the value and longevity of the clinical benefit. The families focused on the specific and measurable changes they observed in their children and the importance that these changes had in specific events in their daily lives. Although a public session cannot ever replace an appropriate development plan and good clinical data, a well-prepared and well-expressed public session can be effective in helping the panel appreciate the full story as to how the drug is working from those that know it firsthand. In the case of Aldurazyme, the clinical data and the strong patient support were an important component of the information...

Avocado Diseases of Major Importance Worldwide and their Management

Abstract Avocado fruit has become one of the most sought after food sources worldwide. It is a nutritious source of food and is part of the staple diet of many people in third world countries where it is cultivated and where it is native. Avocado is a specialty fruit, produced on a large scale in more than 30 countries around the world and because of its appeal, it is an industry that continues to grow. It is a very lucrative industry, and with over production growers have been forced to develop overseas markets, however, the competition on these markets is very intense and growers have to ensure that their fruit are of the highest quality, unblemished and disease-free. Production costs are very high owing to the cultural requirements of the avocado tree and the presence of diseases, which can be major limiting factors to production. Phytophthora root rot, caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi, is such a disease. During the developmental stages of the fruit in the orchard and at...

Preparing for Surgery

There are no guarantees when it comes to the results of cosmetic surgery. Be sure that you have realistic expectations about how you hope to look and feel after the procedure. Discuss your expectations fully with your doctor and listen carefully to his or her description of the proposed outcome. Do not expect cosmetic surgery to stop or reverse the aging process. Although cosmetic surgery can enhance your appearance and increase your self-confidence, it will not necessarily match your ideal image or cause other people to treat you differently. The final result may differ from what you have in mind.

Specific Features Of Flow Cytometry Data Management

There are a number of areas in which improvements may be made in the management of flow cytometry data, including ways for users and flow cytometry facility staff to help maximize the usefulness and longevity of data. These days, however, data storage is the simplest aspect of data management. Large, inexpensive disks make it easy to keep a large quantity of data online, and high-volume tape storage is inexpensive and compact. Recovery of data from tape, however, is slow, and the life expectancy of data tapes is shorter than the minimal 10 years that is appropriate for flow

Other Diseases of the Retina

Vision is totally dependent on the ability of the retina to receive images from outside the eye, convert the information through photochemical and biochemical reactions into electrical signals, and transmit these signals to the visual cortex in the brain via the optic nerve. Consequently, the retina is an extremely complex tissue composed of ten different layers of cells that process the visual information and send it on to the brain. Defects and or malfunctions in the physiology of these cells have a significant effect on vision. The major retinal diseases stem from either genetic defects or diabetes (and other systemic diseases) or are related to the normal or abnormal aging process such as AMD.

Alcohol Induced Persisting Dementia

Models of cognitive impairment in alcoholics include premature aging, which means that alcohol accelerates the aging process, and or that vulnerability to alcohol-induced brain damage is magnified in people over the age of 50 the right-hemisphere model, which is derived from the evidence that nonverbal skills (reading maps, block design tests, etc.) are more profoundly impaired in alcoholics than left-hemisphere tasks (language functions) and the diffuse brain dysfunction model, which proposes that chronic alcoholism leads to widespread brain damage (Ellis & Oscar-Berman, 1989).

Materials And Methods

In order to identify differences in survival and longevity, we followed all 150 male Sprague-Dawley rats and 86 male c57 B17 strain mice throughout their life spans. Both rats and mice were randomly assigned to a study group receiving 10 mg kg day of coenzyme Q10 or control group receiving a standard diet.

Provision Of Adequate Cement Space

If the cement space is too narrow, the casting will not seat properly during cementation because of hydraulic pressure that develops when the viscous mass of luting agent cannot escape through the narrow gap between crown and preparation as the restoration is seated. Conversely, if the cement space is too wide, the casting will be loose on the tooth, resistance form (see Chapter 7) will be reduced, and the position of the casting will be difficult to maintain accurately during evaluation and occlusal adjustment. In addition, the risk of the crown loosening during function increases considerably, and its longevity is adversely affected. The precise amount of cement space obtained depends on the materials and techniques used in the indirect process, particularly the choice of impression material (see Chapter 14), die material (see Chapter 17), investment (see Chapter 22), and casting alloy (see Chapters 19 and 22 and Fig. 18-1). These factors directly affect the size of the cement space.

Dental History

The patient's restorative history may include only simple composite resin or dental amalgam fillings, or it may involve crowns and extensive fixed partial dentures. The age of existing restorations can help establish the prognosis and probable longevity of any future fixed prostheses.

Cognitive Appraisals

Individual differences in cognitive appraisals of stressors may moderate the association between stressful life events and health status in HIV-positive persons. Specifically, one research group has demonstrated that positive illusions and unrealistically optimistic appraisals may confer health-protective benefits (Taylor et al., 2000). Results from an investigation of bereaved HIV-positive men indicated that those who engaged in cognitive processing (deliberate, effortful, and long-lasting thinking) about the death of a close friend or partner were more likely to report a major shift in values, priorities, or perspectives (i.e., finding meaning) following the loss (Bower et al., 1998). For those who were classified as finding meaning, positive health effects appeared to follow. Finding meaning predicted slower CD4+ decline and greater longevity over a 2- to 3-year follow-up period (Bower et al., 1998). Decreased cortisol is one plausible mediator of the effects of finding meaning on...


Performing elective endodontics may be desirable in the following situations when there are problems in obtaining a compatible line of draw between multiple abutments, when it is impossible to gain adequate retention in a badly worn or damaged tooth, and when the endodontic prognosis of an abutment tooth is compromised and additional preparation is likely to further jeopardize its longevity.

Howard A Tobin

The evolution of the facelift during the twentieth century was dependent on technologic breakthroughs and the understanding of the anatomy responsible for the vagaries of aging. With better lighting and the development of low-reacting suture materials that self-absorbed over weeks and months, surgeons were able to see, manipulate, and secure tissue planes that were previously impossible to work with. During the early 1900s, simple skin excision with minimal if any undermining was the standard.1 With fiberoptic lighting, dissection could be extended farther and farther under the skin with improved results. As late as the 1960s and 1970s, the need to do little more than lift the skin remained controversial. With Mitz and Peyronie's2 landmark anatomic work on the subcutaneous musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), the innovators were stimulated to plicate, imbricate, excise, and manipulate this layer in a variety of ways. Depending on the approach used by a specific surgeon, varying degrees...


Rectocele Repair

A rectocele may be an important cause of obstructive defecation that presents as constipation. A rectocele is a herniation of the anterior wall of the rectum into the lumen of the vagina. A rectovaginal septum weakened by multiple childbirths and the aging process may enable stool to become trapped in this herniation, leading to a sense of incomplete evacuation. Continued straining may further weaken the rectovaginal septum and lead to progressive enlargement of the herniation. Because patients with a rectocele believe that they cannot completely evacuate during a bowel movement, despite a normal urge to do so, digital manipulation, enemas, or suppositories are often used to assist defecation. These patients typically have rectal fullness, bleeding, pain, and soiling. A bimanual examination discloses a defect of the anterior rectal wall above the level of the anal sphincter. Radiographically, a pocket-like protrusion of the rectovaginal septum into the vagina is noted on lateral or...

Pontic Material

Cross Section Pontic Design

Any material chosen to fabricate the pontic should provide good esthetic results where needed bio-compatibility, rigidity, and strength to withstand oc-clusal forces and longevity. FPDs should be made as rigid as possible, because any flexure during mastication or parafunction may cause pressure on the gingiva and cause fractures of the veneering material. Occlusal contacts should not fall on the junction between metal and porcelain during centric or eccentric tooth contacts, nor should a metal-ceramic junction occur in contact with the residual ridge on the gingival surface of the pontic.

Public Health

Preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health and efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, control of communicable infections, education in personal hygiene, organization of medical and nursing services, and development of the social machinery to ensure everyone a standard of living adequate for the maintenance of health.

Phenol Peels

Phenol represents the most common deep chemical peeling agent. It leads to dramatic results by producing a controlled chemical burn to the level of the upper reticular dermis. As healing occurs, new stratified collagen is laid down, resulting in younger-appearing skin. Phenol is an extremely effective agent for reversing facial wrinkling and irregular pigmentary changes related to sun exposure and the natural aging process. Phenol chemical peeling produces a dramatic improvement in the treatment of coarse facial rhytids. The longevity of its results have been established. We continue to use phenol as the agent of choice for deep chemical peeling. However, we also recognize that potential pigmentary disturbances may occur therefore, proper patient selection, proper technique, and proper postoperative care are critical to a successful outcome. For Fitzpatrick III-V skin types, we prefer phenol 88 rather than the Baker-Gordon formula. This has proved successful for the treatment of deep...

New To This Edition

Section IV This section now includes, among others, a more detailed discussion on luting agents, in an effort to make sense out of the myriad of choices confronting the practitioner when attempting to select the appropriate luting agents for various fixed prosthodontic procedures. The treatment presentations now include additional long-term follow up on simple and complex fixed prosthodontic treatments, emphasizing the goal of longevity when planning fixed prostheses.


Gynecologic indications for rectocele repair are more numerous compared to traditional colorectal indications because gynecologists primarily address vaginal symptoms when repairing a rectocele. Obstructive defecation symptoms are only some of the accepted indications. Preoperative evaluation typically includes only clinical assessment gained from the history and physical exam, and gynecologists rarely depend on defecography to plan a reconstructive procedure for rectocele. Overall, surgical correction success rates are quite high when using a vaginal approach for rectocele correction. Vaginal dissection results in better visualization and access to the endopelvic fascia and levator musculature, which allows for a more firm anatomic correction. Re-creation of a strong perineal body enhances the longevity of pelvic reconstructive procedures, especially rectocele repairs. In addition, maintaining rectal mucosal integrity appears to reduce the risk of postoperative infection and fistula...

Ife Disadvantages

The primary disadvantage associated with resin-bonded FPD relates to the fact that the longevity of the prosthesis is less than for conventional prosthe-ses. This has been the subject of considerable investigation. Studies of first-generation etched metal FPD at the University of Iowa (more anterior pros-theses than posterior) and the University of Maryland (more posterior prostheses than anterior), with an average service time of more than 10 years, have been relatively successful. The results estimate that 50 will fail after 250 months and 190 months, respectively (see Table 26-1).16 These studies also indicate that the rate of debonds does not increase with time.

Makeup Technology

Some of the attributes of a satisfactory face powder are the following (1) gives smoothness to overall texture (2) gives added skin translucency when excess is buffed (3) makes the skin appear more refined and finer textured (4) helps set the makeup base and adds longevity to the make-up overall (5) suppresses surface oil and shine. Generally there is a wide range of raw materials used in powdered cosmetics and many of these carry over into the formulation of other decorative cosmetics.


Despite the widespread, intensive use of abamec-tin against a number of pests with a high propensity to develop resistance, development of resistance has been relatively slow and rare. The rapid reversion of resistance in the absence of selection pressure and the lack of any confirmed cases of cross-resistance make them amenable for use in resistance management programs. However, in order to prolong the longevity of these compounds in the market place, it will be necessary to minimize selection pressure in practice, especially in high use situations, through

Facial Surgery

As they age, some men seek to improve the appearance of their face and neck through cosmetic surgery. Facial surgery covers a number of different procedures, including a facelift and forehead lift, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, facial implant surgery, and refinishing treatments for facial skin (such as chemical peels and dermabrasion). Sometimes two or more of these procedures are performed at the same time. Although facial surgery cannot reverse the aging process, it can give the face a younger, rejuvenated look that can increase your self-confidence and sense of well-being. The aging process causes the skin of the eyelids to droop, and fat often begins to accumulate above and below the eyes, producing bags. Eyelid surgery (known medically as blepharoplasty) can be used to alleviate these age-related changes. Now the second most common type of plastic surgery performed on men, eyelid surgery can give you a younger appearance but will not remove crow's-feet or other wrinkles from...

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