The enormous progress in biotechnology and in the understanding of the underlying pathomechanisms of autoimmune diseases such as LE has allowed for a more specific and hopefully efficient strategy to target disease-relevant mechanisms. However, until the mechanisms responsible for autoimmunity are not completely resolved, which ultimately may allow the cure of these diseases, the search for effective, safe, and not impairing life quality strategies is mandatory. Accordingly, the number of drugs currently being evaluated for their efficacy and safety in the treatment of the various forms of LE is rapidly increasing. However, many compounds that, according to laboratory data and animal studies, seemed to be promising finally had to be withdrawn. Whether in the future chemotherapeuticals or biologicals will end up as the most efficient therapy with a minimal profile of adverse events is not clear and also may vary depending on the course, activity, and organ involvement of the disease. In addition, the combination of newly developed drugs and other immunomodulating strategies may allow the increase of efficacy and the minimization of adverse events.

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