Erythema Multiformelike Lesions

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Rowell et al. (Rowell et al. 1963) described erythema multiforme-like lesions in patients with LE. Pernio has also been described in these patients (Millard and Row-ell 1978). These patients were found to possess an antibody against the saline extract of human tissue termed "anti-SjT". This antibody was named for the original patient who had Sjogren's syndrome. It is now postulated that the SjT antibody system is identical to the anti-La/SSB antibody system. The absence of an anti-Ro/SSA antibody equivalent (SjD antibody) in this cohort of four patients is of interest. The author, in more than 25 years' experience dealing with these antibody systems, has never seen the occurrence of anti-La/SSB antibodies in the absence of anti-Ro/SSA. Furthermore, based on experience, this author suspects that these patients had Sjo-gren's syndrome/LE overlap syndrome.

In the evaluation of several patients with both anti-U1RNP and anti-Ro/SSA antibody-associated neonatal lupus, the author detected the presence of erythema multi-forme-like targetoid-like lesions (Provost et al. 1987,1996).

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