Miscellaneous Cutaneous Lesions

Anetoderma (DeBracco et al. 1979) and generalized cutis laxa (Randle and Muller 1983) have been described in patients with SLE. Acanthosis nigricans has been reported in patients with SLE in association with type B insulin resistance (Rendon et al. 1989). Lichen planus, a putative T-cell autoaggressive disease, has been described in patients with LE (van der Horst et al. 1983)

Finally, angioedema has been seen on rare occasions in patients with SLE. This seems to represent the increased risk of SLE occurring in patients with a hereditary deficiency of the Cj inhibitor (Collier and Lee 2000, Kohler et al. 1974).

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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