Summary and Perspectives

CLE may be regarded as its own disease entity or as a manifestation within multiorgan disease. Irrespective of this view, any patient with CLE has to be examined carefully to exclude systemic disease, which in turn will influence the timeliness and the extent of therapy. CLE may often be successfully and satisfactorily treated by local measures, including UV protection and antimalarial drugs. In cases of recalcitrant disease, other measures, including the systemic immunomodulatory regimens summarized in this chapter, have to be introduced. Many of these approaches lack sufficient scientific and clinical data to prove their general effectiveness. On the other hand, heterogeneity of skin disease and its low impact on the general prognosis of the afflicted patient limit clinical and scientific interest in solid clinical studies, which are, however, badly needed. CLE should be regarded as a severe, if only distressing, disease that needs ample drug treatment and intensive patient care. Consequently, modern immunomodulatory approaches have to be evaluated that may be more effective yet less toxic than established treatment regarding both short- and, even more important, long-term treatment.

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