Epiploic Appendagitis

Primary epiploic appendagitis is a relatively uncommon condition that results from an acute inflammation of the appendices epiploicae. This disorder is often associated

Appendix Epiploica
Fig. 5. Epiploic appendagitis. Inflammatory changes are present in the pericolic fat (circle). The central portion of the inflammatory change is fat density, indicating an inflamed epiploic appendage

with torsion and infarction of these appendices and can simulate diverticulitis if they occur in the sigmoid colon, and appendicitis if they are located in the proximal colon. CT reveals a characteristic small, round, or oval fat-containing mass with associated inflammatory reaction of the pericolic fat (Fig. 5) [12].

Epiploic appendagitis is a self-limited process with clinical resolution seen within a few days. Follow-up CT examination may show total resolution in shrinkage with eventual calcification of the inflamed and infarcted epi-ploic appendix.

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