Gallbladder Polypoid Mass

Polypoid gallbladder masses are commonly demonstrated by US as incidental findings when the gallbladder is imaged on sonography. Polyps are estimated to be present in approximately 3% of gallbladders. The differential diagnosis for a gallbladder polyp includes cholesterol polyp, adenoma, adenomyomatous hyperplasia, inflammatory polyp, heterotopia, neurofibroma, carcinoma, carcinoid tumor, lymphoma, and metastasis. The majority of gallbladder polyps are benign. The management of gallbladder polyps is based on the risk of malignancy, which increases for polyps greater than 10 mm in size and in patients over the age of 60. The incidence of malignancy in polyps greater than 10 mm ranges from 37% to 88% [8]. Therefore, it has been recommended that patients undergo cholecystectomy for symptomatic polyps greater than 10 mm. Polyps less than 10 mm should be followed periodically by US. At sonography, careful attention should be paid to other features that suggest malignancy, such as thickening or nodularity of the gallbladder wall, evidence of hepatic invasion, such as an indistinct margin between the liver and gallbladder, biliary duct dilatation, and peripancreatic hepatoduode-nal ligament adenopathy [1].

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