Normal MR Anatomy of the Female Genital Organs

The uterus is best depicted using T2-weighted sagittal sequences. In women of reproductive age, the uterus is approximately 6-9 cm in length. In the premenopausal woman, three distinct zones are recognized: (1) the highsignal intensity endometrium of varying thickness, depending on the menstrual cycle; (2) the hypointense junc-tional zone, anatomically corresponding to the innermost layer of the myometrium; and (3) the outer layer of the myometrium of intermediate signal intensity. Four zones are distinguished in the cervix by high-resolution MRI: (1) the hyperintense mucous within the endocervical canal, (2) the cervical mucosa of intermediate to high signal intensity, (3) the hypointense cervical stroma surrounding the mucosa, and, (4) an additional layer of in-

termediate signal intensity in continuity with the uterine myometrium representing smooth muscle (Fig. 1). In postmenopausal patients, the uterine corpus, but not the cervix, regresses and decreases in size.



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