Normal MR Imaging Anatomy

Fetal MR is mainly performed in the second half of the pregnancy. T1- and T2-weighted sequences can be used in order to characterize fetal abdominal anatomy.

The bladder appears as a hypersignal on T2- and a hyposignal on Tl-weighted sequences. The normal kidneys are mainly visualized on T2 sequences.

The small bowel is best analyzed on T2 sequence, as the loops appear as a hypersignal, being filled with amniotic fluid. The colon is best analyzed on Tl, as it appears as a hypersignal, probably due to the proteic content of the meconium. It appears as a hyposignal on T2 sequences.

The rectum should be identified in all fetuses after 23 weeks. Its cul-de-sac should be localized 10 mm below the bladder neck on a sagittal scan. It should be possible to identify the entire colon after 30 weeks [3-8].

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