Radiological Examination of Urinary Bladder Carcinoma Plain Radiography

In a bladder with Bilharzia (schistosomasis) complicated by carcinoma, the plain radiography may suggest the correct diagnosis. The calcification of the wall of the bil-harzial bladder usually appears as a continuous curved line of calcification, either smooth or irregular in contour, depending on the state of distension (Fig. 9). If bladder cancer develops, the continuity of the linear calcification is usually interrupted [61].

Fig. 9. Plain X-ray of the pelvis showing calcified bladder wall due to bilharzia

Dystrophic calcification may infrequently occur in the necrotic bladder tumor, which is visible on the plain film as a finely speckled collection of calcifications, or as a well circumscribed calcification with a dense or even a calcified nodule in the bladder region [61, 62].

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