It is feasible to perform endorectal MR imaging at 3T in patients with prostate cancer, with the potential advantages of increased spatial resolution of T2-weighted and contrast enhanced MR images, increased temporal resolution of dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging and increased spectral resolution and signal-to-noise (SNR) of MRSI [50]. It is likely that imaging with an endorectal coil at a magnetic field strength of 3T will expand potential clinical applications in evaluating the prostate. The reported sensitivity and specificity for detecting extra-capsular disease was 88% and 96% respectively, which is an improvement compared to 1.5T (Fig. 8) [51].

Fig. 6. MRSI. Metabolic map showing high choline/citrate ratio in left peripheral zone. Prostatectomy confirmed cancer

Criteria post Ferumoxtran-10

T1 GRE T2*GRE Post: signal drop

Ea ElL-J

Criteria post Ferumoxtran-10

T1 GRE T2*GRE Post, signal drop


Fig. 7. On post ferumoxtran-10 images, normal nodal tissue is black, and metastatic tissue is either grey (on T1-GRE images) or white (on T2*-GRE images). b Nodes are within yellow, and metastatic areas within white lines

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