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Core: How To Connect With Your Masculine Energy

Most men feel stuck in life, empty, and unhappy despite having a lot of wealth, good job, fame, and several conquests with the opposite sex. These men experience these problems because they lack the mature masculine energy. In fact, this is the reason why most men who seem to have it all sometimes decide to take their own life. Fortunately, someone has decided to provide a solution. David Tian is a Ph.D. holder in psychology. In his course known as the CORE, he reveals various ways any man can reach the ultimate masculinity and achieve true joy, happiness, and live a more fulfilling life. The Core comes with 8 video seminars, downloadable meditative audio exercises, PDF slides, worksheets, and 3 free bonuses. Currently, you can be able to purchase this course at a discount price. Read more here...

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Cub Scouts And Masculinity

While I didn't participate in organized sports in my youth, I did become involved an organization that is commonly regarded as a cornerstone of masculine childhood socialization, the Cub Scouts. I do not recall if I joined of my own volition or if I had been encouraged to do so by my parents. Looking back, I can see how I might initially have perceived Cub Scouts as the in thing to do, but I can also see how my parents, like many other parents, may have been encouraged to involve their sons in activities such as this. My scout troop was small because of the area where I lived. It was just me, Gus (a boy who was even more of an outsider than myself), and Brian (whose dad was our pack leader). Such a small pack was limited in the activities it could undertake. I remember the occasional craft projects and the emergence of my competitive nature as I sought various beads and patches that marked one's ranking and skill as a scout. As the years passed, I obtained quite a few badges, but I...

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

As a boy, you were probably taught not to cry, but to act tough and be a man. Although attitudes are changing in our society, many males are still brought up not to express their emotions, learning that any display of feeling (other than anger) is a sign of weakness. While living up to the traditional, aggressive masculine identity may give a man certain advantages in a competitive society, it also can explain why the rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, homicide, suicide, sexual abuse, automobile accidents, and stress-related chronic illness are higher in men than in women. If a man has not learned to properly deal with and express his emotions, then stressful situations may lead to inappropriate responses such as anger or violence.

Diversity Ethnicity Race Gender

Before the manual was published, Seeking Safety was conducted with diverse clients, including two studies with diverse racial ethnic samples (Hien et al., 2000 Zlotnick et al., 2003), women and men, and clients with various trauma histories (e.g., child abuse, crime victimization, combat). The examples and language in the book were written to reflect these experiences and to mention sexism, racism, poverty, and both female and male issues. Thus far, the treatment has obtained high client satisfaction ratings in these subgroups. However, clinicians working with particular populations may benefit from adding more examples from their lives, including cultural elements relevant to them, and addressing their particular context and burdens. In treating men, for example, exploring how certain traumas violate the masculine role may be helpful (e.g., themes of weakness and vulnerability). In treating Latinos, using the Spanish-language version of Seeking Safety (see, the...

Glissandothe Court Jester Bisexual Brouhaha

An analyst approaching this material from a classical perspective might hypothesize that the patient's new feeling of masculine, identificatory closeness may have stimulated homosexual fantasies, anxieties, and defenses. Although fervently desired, greater relaxation, openness, and emotionality might simultaneously have made the analysand feel more feminine a vulnerable position to be in with a potentially crazy analyst. These two sides of the coin (wish-fear, masculine-feminine, active-passive) recall the symbolism of the camera. Like other objects that can penetrate the surrounding, yielding medium while also having a capacity to contain (e.g., cars, boats, shoes), it can be a bisexual symbol. Both phallic and feminine, it is like the penetrating receptive eye itself. In keeping with its feminine facet, the word camera comes from the feminine, Latin noun camera, meaning a vaulted room (enclosed, feminine space). The analysand's father was blessed with impressive masculine assets...

Disease State Diagnosis

Testosterone (Table 1) is the principal androgen in human circulation. Androgens stimulate and maintain masculine sexual characteristics of the genital tract, secondary sexual characteristics, fertility, and anabolic effects of somatic tissues.1'2 Testosterone may be used clinically at physiological doses for androgen replacement therapy, but pharmacological androgen therapy is often abused. The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is to attempt to duplicate the normal physiological pattern of androgen exposure to the body.3 This is currently best accomplished with testosterone, rather than synthetic derivatives of testosterone. Thus, an understanding of the normal and pathophysiology of testosterone secretion and action is required as a basis for replacement therapy.

Dating Sex And College

It is particularly difficult if you do not adhere to established gender norms. Even though those norms are sometimes unclear, and the ability to cross the borders of gendered behavior is occasionally warranted, there is privilege associated with adhering to normative gender behaviors. In our society, we privilege those who clearly demark their heterosexual status by having a romantic partner of the opposite sex. This affirms one's gender identity as appropriate. An appropriately masculine male should be emotionally and erotically oriented to appropriately feminine females. Sexuality especially seems to supercede the other gendered markers that we take into account when viewing another person. Had I been more inclined to date or establish a heterosexual relationship in my teen years, perhaps my journey would have been less painful. College offered me a clean slate on which I hoped to write a new story. After years of being labeled and taunted for not...

Traditional Meanings of Husband and of Wife

Additionally, individuals in this category drew on conventional notions of masculinity and femininity when defining the words husband and wife. For example, definitions of wife frequently contained references to shopping or decorating, while definitions of husband often referred to aptitude for mechanics or yard work. Donna and Daniel captured how a separate spheres ideology and an ideology of gender difference shaped the meaning of marital roles Viktor (thirty-one, married two years) I like to see myself as pretty traditional, conservative. I like the traditional masculine roles of provider, protector and that sort of thing. It's kind of interesting, because I would like to have a traditional wife, one that takes care of the house that would be nice if I'm out working. Takes care of the house, takes care of the kids. Like my mom was raised to be a traditional wife, an old-school wife. You serve your man, that's kind of how my mom was. I've never really seen Vanessa as that.

Moving Along In School

The lesson learned about what constitutes an appropriate book extended beyond the library to schooling. There is an expectation that both girls and boys in our culture will attend schools, but the types of involvement and the interest demonstrated by the differing genders is regulated differently. Subjects and information taught and presented to children help to reinforce conceptions of masculinity and femininity, as well as power, in our culture. Subjects that have the connotation of being of lesser importance, such as handwriting, tend to be associated with the feminine. Thus, it may be socially expected that girls will earn higher grades than boys in such subjects. People notice the girly writing of a man who writes nicely. The social construction of gender also reaches out from the books of the classroom to suggest that there are subjects, topics, and careers that are for girls and others that are for boys. Heading into wood shop, many of my peers expected that I would be...


Attempts to describe behavior associated with male expectations often result in a series of negatives, such as men don't cry, men don't show their feelings, or men are never scared. Positive ways of describing masculine behavior have traditionally focused on characteristics such as physical strength, aggressiveness, and independence. Cultural or ethnic expectations, socioeconomic success, individual achievement, and education level heavily influence the perception of male characteristics.

Crisis Intervention

For many, particularly the men, hearing that other men also cried was very reassuring in view of the African view of men crying (They simply don't ) It reassured them that such a reaction could indeed be found even in other ''real men''. This point was emphasized at the first formal session held for the senior officers of the Cooperative Bank, which was housed in the building next to the American Embassy.

Daniel Farr

Gender is part of our lives from the very beginning. From early on, children begin to conceptualize and integrate an understanding of gender into their identities and actions (Jordan and Cowan 1995 Rogers 1999 Thorne 1986). Families, the media, and other children continually re-create, develop, and perpetuate regulating behaviors both within and between individuals that work to legitimize and maintain the dichotomous nature of gender. One is either a boy or a girl, a man or a woman. When gender is not evident in this conventional way, there can be disapproval, concern, and even loathing. These responses may torment both girls (tomboys) and boys (sissy boys) who do not conform to dichotomous gender characteristics. Some research suggests that tomboys may be less stigmatized than sissy boys (Martin 1995), but the experience of growing up as a too masculine girl does have lifetime implications (Carr 1998). Our induction into a gendered world is so deeply ingrained that individuals who do...

Boy Versus Girl Toys

Is this a matter of what we instinctively prefer, or is it what we are taught to prefer Had I been more like other normal boys of my age group, maybe I would have received more action figures and appropriately masculine toys. For example, Transformers were all the rage at the time. I don't recall ever expressing desire for, or interest in, them. My one friend had a large collection of these types of toys, but I never found them especially interesting. The time I spent playing with this friend and his toys was more the result of neighborhood proximity than strong feelings of camaraderie. Fortunately, my parents were able to step away from some, though of course not all, of the categorization of toys by gender. Despite the frequent gender stereotyping of toys by parents (see Campenni 1999), my own parents were more open about the types of toys with which my siblings and I could play. I was thus able to enjoy masculine toys, such as Legos and Construx, as well as feminine toys like looms...

Cooking And Clothing

It is odd how, as children, we receive such mixed messages about what establishes various tasks as masculine or feminine. We often see our parents completing similar tasks, at least on occasion. If raised in the home of a single parent, with all the adult tasks needing to be accomplished by that one parent, how is it that certain tasks and skills are then demarcated masculine or feminine I recall most cooking and kitchen tasks being done by my mother, but I can also vividly recall occasions when my father cooked and worked in the kitchen. We probably all experience childhood in this way, but at the same time we create a cultural understanding of gender through the subtle messages surrounding us, such as that while both men and women cook, kitchen and cooking are gendered feminine.

From Gonads To Brain

The simple hypothesis, then, is that testosterone is secreted by the testes, and this leads to a masculinized nervous system in male animals. A number of observations in birds and frogs suggest that other factors are involved (Wade and Arnold, 1996 Kelley, 1997). They raise the possibility that female and male brains differ from one another even in the absence of gonadal signals. First, the level of estradiol required to masculinize the nervous system of female birds is quite high, and even these high levels do not result in a fully masculinized phenotype. In frogs, the level of circulating androgen is quite similar in male and female animals during development. Second, it has not been possible to block masculine development of the nervous system in male birds by manipulations designed to decrease estrogen. Third, when genetic female zebra finches are pharmacologically engineered to develop with testes, and with little to no ovarian tissue, their vocal conrol nuclei continue to have a...

Hobbies And Books

Looking back, I now know that my interest in cross-stitch must have been challenging for my parents. Sewing is culturally regarded in our society as a craft for women. I feel it was quite progressive of my parents not to have told me cross-stitch is for girls and push me toward stereotypical masculine pastimes. I even recall my father's positive support for my first little project. My parents never instilled shame or embarrassment in me because of my feminine hobbies. Later, in this same library, I discovered a children's series of biographies where I was exposed to individuals such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Thomas Jefferson. These books were most certainly appropriate for a boy. I checked out a new one every week. One week, I got one about a woman, for which I received a great deal of harassment from my male classmates. Over and over, I heard, Why would you want to read about a girl I was embarrassed and dejected. Helen Keller remains the only woman from the...

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