Cohoba Yopo Yupa Vilca Anadenanthera spp Fabaceae

A number of species of trees in the Anadenanthera genus (A. peregrina, A. colubrina among them) have hallucinogenic properties and have been widely used to make powerful psychoactive snuff in a number of indigenous South-American Indian cultures. The snuff is prepared by making a paste from the beans, then mixing in an alkaline additive made from either snail shells or a plant source. It plays a central role in shamanistic practices such as divination, trance, communication with spirits, and the diagnosis of illness. Its use is usually limited to adult males. Although it is a powerful hallucinogen in larger doses, smaller amounts are sometimes taken as a stimulant. The seeds are also used to treat urinary disorders and infertility, and as emetics, purgatives, and laxatives.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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