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^^yurveda was developed in India thousands of years ago and is the oldest known medical system still in use. Ayurveda means "knowledge (or science) of life" in Sanskrit, and its practice includes medicine and science as well as philosophy and religion. The form of Ayurvedic medicine now practiced is a modified version of the ancient form of this healing method. Ayurveda is still widely practiced in India. It has been popularized and promoted in the United States by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

In Ayurveda, a harmonious relationship between mind, body, and spiritual awareness is believed to be important. The function of these entities is regulated by three physiologic principles known as doshas. Disease is claimed to be the result of an imbalance of the doshas, and treatment aims to restore dosha balance. As in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda holds that an important life force, called prana, exists.

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