Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Horseback Riding

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Alternative Ways to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

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1. Hammer A, Nilsagard Y, Eorsberg A, et al. Evaluation of therapeutic riding (Sweden)/hippotherapy (United States). A single-subject experimental design study replicated in eleven patients with multiple sclerosis. Physiother Theory Prac 2005;21:51-77.

2. MacKay-Lyons M, Conway C, Roberts W. Effects of therapeutic riding on patients with multiple sclerosis: a preliminary trial. Proceedings of the 6th International Therapeutic Riding Congress 1988;8:173-178.

3. Pfotenhauer M, Leyerer U, David E, et al. Hippotherapy, scientific program in Herdecke, an example. Proceedings of the 7th International Therapeutic Riding Congress 1991;August:46-57.

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