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Ascknowledcjments any individuals and organizations made this book possible. First, I would like to thank my wife, Diana, for her patience and ongoing support. She offered valuable and provocative insight into the subject of CAM. She created time for me to write and provided free psychotherapy during the more challenging times! I thank our two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, for tolerating my time away from home, my time working at home, and for teaching me regularly that in daily life, as in medicine, there are many different perspectives on a given situation. I thank all of my family for tolerating late nights, early mornings, laundry baskets piled high with books and files, and counters and tabletops crowded with papers.

This book would not have been possible without the support of the Board of Directors, as well as Karen Wenzel, Executive Director, and other staff at the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center. Dr. Ronald S. Murray encouraged development of this project in the early stages. Thomas Stewart, J.D., PA.-C., M.S., played an important role by devoting time and energy to the research and by providing creative input. Patricia Kennedy, R.N., C.N.P, and Lee Shaughnessy read the initial manuscript carefully and made valuable suggestions. Research assistance was provided by Lee Shaughnessy, Dr. Ragaa Ibrahim, and Julie Lawton for the first edition and by Kathy Haruf for the second edition.

Many of my patients at the MS Center motivated me to write this book. Through my patients, I learned that many were quite devoted to CAM therapies. I realized that I knew little about some of these therapies that obviously were an important component of their health care. I respect my patients for their willingness to openly share their feelings and experiences related to CAM, and I thank them for providing first-hand information that was critical in the development of this book.

I thank the users of, the CAM website of the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center. Users of this website have generously participated in our surveys, which allow us to research the types of CAM

that people with MS are using and determine whether these therapies are thought to be helpful or harmful. The results of many of these surveys are included in this book, have been published in lay and professional publications, and have been presented to lay and professional audiences.

A number of organizations and individuals provided valuable advice, information, and financial or moral support: Therese Beaudette, R.D.; my parents, Dr. Franklin Bowling and Ruth Bowling, R.D.; Scott Boynton, DiplAc, B.Ac.; Dr. Jay Schneiders; Joan Wolk and Edith Barry at Demos Medical Publishing; Doris Borchert at the Medical Library at Swedish Medical Center; HealthONE Foundation; Denver Botanic Gardens; Hudson Gardens. Lastly, I thank Dr. Diana M. Schneider at Demos Medical Publishing for her ongoing support, thoughtful input, and willingness to pursue this controversial subject.

Complementary and

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