Possibly Effective CAM Therapies

People with recurrent UTIs should undergo a medical evaluation because it is important to determine the underlying cause. A CAM approach may be reasonable in some situations and should be discussed with a physician. Cranberry juice may be effective for preventing UTIs and is of low risk. Its effectiveness relative to the conventional approach with prescription antibiotics has not been investigated.

Conventional treatment with antibiotics should be used to treat UTIs, because the effectiveness of CAM approaches for treating UTIs, including cranberry juice, is not established. Also, people with MS and UTIs should attempt to eliminate the infection as quickly as possible, because the infection may worsen neurological symptoms.

It is important to undergo a medical evaluation for urinary incontinence. Because CAM therapies have not been extensively studied, it is important to consider conventional therapy first in this area. Multiple CAM therapies have produced promising results for urinary incontinence:



■ Exercise (Kegel exercises)

■ Hippotherapy

■ Magnets and electromagnetic therapy

■ Reflexology

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