Parasympathetic Denervation Unilateral Mydriasis

Oculomotor palsy (p. 86) is accompanied by my-driasis only when the parasympathetic fibers on the margin of the oculomotor nerve are affected. This is usually not the case in ischemic neuropathy of CN III (e.g., in diabetes mellitus), because the marginal fibers receive their blood supply from pial vessels (p. 90). A tonic pupil is a mydriatic pupil with light-near dissociation. This condition may be due to local causes (infection, temporal arteritis) or to systemic diseases such as Adie syndrome (+ reduction/absence of tendon reflexes in the legs) and Ross syndrome (+ hyporeflexia + segmental hypohidrosis). The use of anticholinergic agents (atropine eye-92 drops, scopolamine patch) causes iatrogenic mydriasis.

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