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I claim that social agendas appear in these stories through the obliteration of any female sexual response that is independent from her function as a reproducer. Autonomous, distinct female sexual response just disappears.

In these explanations women are presumed to have orgasms nearly always with intercourse, as men do. Women are presumed to return to the resting state following orgasm, as men do. One could object that Morris is a relatively easy target, so I will offer the following tidbit in defense of my analysis. Gordon Gallup and Susan Suarez published, in 1983, a technical discussion on optimal reproductive strategies for biped-alism, and took up Morris' anti-gravity line of argument. They argue that orgasm would be adaptive because it would keep the woman lying down, and hence keep the semen from escaping. In the context of these paragraphs on female orgasm, they state, ''it is widely acknowledged that intercourse frequently acts as a mild sedative. The average individual requires about five minutes of repose before returning to a normal state after orgasm.''25 The scientific reference they offer for this particular generalization is Kinsey 1948, which is, in fact, exclusively on male sexual response. In other words, this ''average individual'' which figures in their story about female orgasm, is, in fact, explicitly male.

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