The Solt And Farber Animal Model Of Chemical Hepatocarcinogenesis

When studying the effects of xenobiotics and antioxidants during liver carcinogenesis, experimental models have been created. One of the most commonly employed models for this purpose is the Solt and Farber model of chemical hepatocarcinogenesis,57 in which the effects of carcinogens or anticancer drugs can be studied sequentially during initiation, promotion, and progression respectively (Figure 23.3).53 In this animal model on rat liver, commonly known as the "resistant hepa-tocyte model,"3 initiation is accomplished by diethylnitrosamine (DEN), a genotoxic compound that causes extensive DNA damage. To induce cell proliferation before DNA repair is complete, DEN is administered in a high, necrogenic dose, which leads to a burst of regenerative cell division and fixation of the DNA damage, or DEN is combined with partial hepatectomy. After this treatment,

Diethyl-nitrosamine (200 mg/kg)

Partial hepatectomy

GST-P positive nodules

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