Almost exactly ten years ago, two young physicians joined me at the University of Oklahoma for the study of dermatopathology: Stephen C. Somach, a brilliant dermatologist-scholar from Cleveland, who was also a highly accomplished cellist, and Michael B. Morgan, an effervescent, newly minted pathologist from Florida, who was brimming with energy, curiosity, and zeal and was also sporting water skiis and a red Porsche! Bruce R. Smoller, whose impressive erudition is universally acknowledged, I met during a Residency Review committee visit to Stanford some fifteen years ago. Each of these men has made original contributions to the dermatopathology literature as well as to patient care in the clinical setting. Their publications have broadened our understanding of the biologic behavior of pigmented lesions, cutaneous lymphomas, vascular lesions, and soft tissue tumors. It is indeed a pleasure to welcome their volume, Deadly Derma-tologic Diseases, a unique and stimulating outcome of their enthusiastic collaboration.

Deadly Dermatologic Diseases discusses a wide variety of entities-neoplastic, vascular, infectious, metabolic-each of which may eventuate in death of the patient. In addition, numerous tumors and dermatoses frequently associated with internal malignancies are reviewed. High-quality histologic photomicrographs and clinical pictures accompany many of the discussions. A unique initial summary page facilitates the reading of each presentation. Recent relevant genetic and biochemical findings in every chapter were particularly helpful to this reader. Finally, the detailed reviews of immunochemistry presented with each entity are highly practical. This volume is a welcome addition to the library of practicing dermatologists and pathologists.

Mark Allen Everett, MD Regents' Professor Emeritus Dermatology and Pathology

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