The two major types of intestinal obstruction are mechanical and neurogenic (or nonmechani-cal). Neurogenic obstruction occurs primarily after manipulation of the bowel during surgery or with peritoneal irritation, pain of thoracolumbar origin, or intestinal ischemia. It is also caused by the effect of trauma or toxins on the nerves that regulate peristalsis, electrolyte imbalances, and neurogenic abnormalities such as spinal cord lesions. Mechanical obstruction of the bowel is caused by physical blockage of the intestine. Examples of mechanical obstruction include adhesions and strangulated hernias (usually associated with the small intestine); volvulus (twisting of the intestine) of the cecum or sigmoid; intussusception (telescoping of the bowel); strictures; fecal or barium impaction; carcinomas (usually associated with the large intestine); or foreign bodies such as gallstones and fruit pits.

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

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