Discharge And Home Healthcare Guidelines

FEEDING. Teach the parents feeding techniques, how to observe for aspiration, and to bubble the infant frequently. After surgery, teach the parents to avoid putting objects into the infant's mouth.

PREVENTION OF INFECTION. Teach the parents to care for the incision and to assess the incision for infection. Explain the importance of keeping the infant's hands away from the face. Tell the parents that it is important to hold the infant and remove the restraints from time to time.

PAIN CONTROL. Teach the parents the signs of pain in an infant, and explore with them non-pharmacologic methods to relieve pain. Review with the parents the analgesic medication dosage, time, and route.

COMPLICATIONS. Instruct parents that the child may have more recurrent middle ear infections than other children. The child may also need orthodontic or speech therapy at some time because of the deformity of the mouth and palate.

Colorectal Cancer

DRG Category: Mean LOS: Description:

DRG Category: Mean LOS: Description:

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