Discharge And Home Healthcare Guidelines

FOLLOW-UP. Consult with occupational and physical therapists to develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan, if one is needed. Discuss aids for self-care and mobilization such as wheelchairs, bathroom rails, and speech aids and where and how they can be obtained. Evaluate the home situation before discharge to determine if wheelchair access is available if it is necessary.

Teach the patient and family strategies to avoid exposure to infection. If the patient develops an infection or notes increased bleeding, teach the patient to notify the primary healthcare provider immediately. Teach the patient and significant others the early signs of tumor recurrence so that they can notify the primary healthcare provider if they occur. Instruct the patient on care of the skin in the external radiation field.

Stress the need to maintain a schedule for follow-up visits as recommended by the physician.

MEDICATIONS. Explain the purpose, action, dosage, desired effects, and side effects of all medications prescribed by the physician.

Breast Cancer

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