Discharge And Home Healthcare Guidelines

MEDICATIONS. If hormonal replacement is ordered, be sure the patient understands the dosage, schedule, actions, and side effects of the medication.

PREVENTION. Have the patient demonstrate a testicular self-examination before leaving the hospital. The patient should understand that testicular cancer can recur in the remaining testes and that early detection is a critical factor in the outcome.

SEXUALITY. Inform the patient that if a unilateral orchiectomy was performed, he is still fertile and should not experience impotence. Make sure the patient understands that he has the option of undergoing reconstructive surgery and placement of a testicular prosthesis. Refer the patient to the American Cancer Society to assist with obtaining information and support.

HOME CARE. Teach the patient to do the following:

Avoid prolonged standing because this can increase scrotal edema.

Wear an athletic supporter or snug-fitting undershorts until the area is completely healed.

Avoid heavy lifting for 4 to 6 weeks.

Take a 20-minute tub bath three times a day for 1 week after discharge.

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