Discharge And Home Healthcare Guidelines

The patient and significant others need to understand that, although they have achieved a bladder program in the hospital, their daily rhythm may be quite different at home. They need to be encouraged to adapt the pattern of bladder evacuation to the family schedule. Teach the patient the medication dosage, action, side effects, and route of all prescribed medications.

Discuss potential complications, particularly urinary tract infection, and encourage the patient to report signs of infection to the physician immediately. Teach the patient and significant others preventive strategies, such as keeping equipment clean, good hand-washing techniques, and adequate fluid intake to limit the risk of infection. Refer the patient to an appropriate source for catheterization supplies if appropriate, or refer the patient to social service for help in obtaining supplies. Discuss the potential for sexual activity with the patient; if possible, have a nurse of the same gender talk with the patient to answer questions and provide support.

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