Discharge And Home Healthcare Guidelines

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MEDICATIONS. Be sure the patient understands the correct dosage, route, and time of the medication, as well as the importance of taking all prescribed medication, even if the symptoms resolve. Emphasize any dietary restrictions.

PREVENTION. Teach the patient about the importance of barrier contraception, especially latex condoms. Often, patients on oral contraceptives do not realize that, although they probably will not get pregnant, they are not protecting themselves from STIs. Emphasize the importance of follow-up visits to assure that the infection has resolved. Encourage the patient to enforce follow-up of all sexual partners and to refrain from intercourse during antibiotic therapy to prevent reinfection. While experts recommend that all women less than 25 years of age be screened annually for chlamydia, this recommendation for routine screening does not include men.

COMPLICATIONS. Teach the patient about potential long-term complications such as infertility and sterility if reinfection occurs.

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