PSYCHOSOCIAL. Obtain information on how the patient perceives the effect drugs have on her or his life, work, and the relationship with family and friends. Identify strengths and limitations. Assess the patient's emotional state before admission, especially noting depression and thoughts about suicide. If the patient is involved in a relationship, determine the degree of stability. Ask whether the partner uses drugs and what her or his attitude is toward the patient's drug use. If the patient is a parent, find out the children's ages and investigate how the children are affected by the patient's drug use.

Elicit an employment history, including the type and length of employment. Determine how the use of drugs has affected the patient's work. Determine how much time off from work has been caused by the drug use. Establish a history of the financial effects of the drug use; ask how much the patient spends on drugs and if he or she has developed other sources of income besides his or her job. Determine how the use of drugs has affected the patient's financial resources.

Diagnostic Highlights

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