Gender Ethnicracial And Life Span Considerations

Appendicitis is rare before the age of 2 years, with the peak incidence of appendicitis occurring between 20 and 30 years of age. Twice as many young men as young women develop appendicitis, which occurs in approximately 10% of the population in Western countries; after age 25, this ratio gradually diminishes until the gender ratio is even. Appendicitis in the elderly population is being reported with increasing frequency as life expectation increases. Unfortunately, appendicitis in the elderly tends to progress to perforation more rapidly, with fewer symptoms than expected. Older patients usually experience decreased pain sensations, very minor leukocyte elevations, and temperature elevations that are minimal when compared with those in younger patients. Appendicitis is much more common in developed as contrasted with developing countries. Experts speculate that the reason for these discrepancies may include a diet low in fiber and high in sugar, family history, and infection. Ethnicity and race have no known effect on the risk of appendicitis.

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