Gender Ethnicracial And Life Span Considerations

Acute gastritis occurs in men more than in women, whereas chronic gastritis occurs more frequently in women than in men. The incidence is highest in the ages between 50 and 70. Men and women who are heavy smokers and alcohol abusers are at particular risk. Autoimmune gastritis occurs more often in people of northern European descent and with African American ancestry, and is less frequent in southern Europeans and Asians. The incidence increases with age from 10% to 20% in persons in their 30s to over 45% in persons over 70 years of age. Approximately 35% of adults in the United States are infected with H. pylori, but the prevalence of infection in minority groups and people who come to the United States from developing countries is much higher. Children in developing countries are much more likely than children in developed countries to acquire the infection. Age is the most important factor relating to the prevalence of H. pylori infection. People born before 1950 have a significantly higher rate of infection than people born afterward.

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