Gender Ethnicracial And Life Span Considerations

Brain tumors may occur at any age and are fairly common in both children and adults, with about 100,000 symptomatic brain tumors, including metastatic brain tumors, diagnosed per year. They are common in children less than 1 year old, and then again between 2 and 13 years old. In children, primary tumors of the brain and spinal column are the second most common (after leukemias) type of childhood cancer—that is, the most common solid tumor. However, most central nervous system (CNS) tumors occur in patients over 45, with the peak incidence found after 70. More than 50% of those are metastatic rather than primary. Gender considerations depend on tumor type. The 5-year survival rate decreases with age. For persons ages 15 to 44, it is 55%; 45 to 64 years of age, it is 16%; and for those over 65 years of age, it is 5%. African Americans, especially African American women, have a slightly higher incidence of menin-giomas and pituitary adenomas.

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