Gender Ethnicracial And Life Span Considerations

The risk of ischemic heart disease increases with age and when predispositions to atherosclerosis (smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipoproteinemia) are present. Nearly 10% of myocardial infarctions (MI) occur in people under age 40, however, and 45% occur in people under age 65. Men are at greater risk for MI than women are, but the differential progressively declines with advancing age. Because women live longer than men in the United States, angina has a prevalence of 3.9 million in U.S. women and 2.3 million in U.S. men. In addition, atypical presentations of angina are also more common among women compared with men.

There are ethnic/racial differences in the prevalence of angina. In women older than 20 years, angina occurs in 3.9% of non-Hispanic white women, 6.2% of non-Hispanic black women, and 5.5% of Hispanic/Latino American women. The rates of angina pectoris for men respectively in the same ethnic/racial groups are 2.6%, 3.1%, and 4.1%.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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