Medication or Drug Class




Crystalloid Intravenous fluids


100-500 mL/hr of IV, depending on volume state of the patient

Varies with drug

Isotonic solutions such as normal saline solution or lactated Ringer's solution

Broad-spectrum antibiotic coverage

Replaces fluids and electrolytes lost through fever and vomiting; replacement continues until urine output is 1 cc/kg of body weight and electrolytes are replaced

Controls local and systemic infection and reduces the incidence of postoperative wound infection

Other Drugs: Analgesics.


PREOPERATIVE. Preoperatively, several nursing interventions focus on promoting patient comfort. Avoid applying heat to the abdominal area, which may cause appendiceal rupture. Permit the patient to assume the position of comfort while maintaining bedrest. Reduce the patient's anxiety and fear by carefully explaining each test, what to expect, and the reasons for the tests. Answer the patient's questions concerning the impending surgery, and provide the patient with instructions regarding splinting the incision with pillows during coughing, deep breathing, and moving.

POSTOPERATIVE. Postoperatively, assess the surgical incision for adequate wound healing. Note the color and odor of the drainage, any edema, the approximation of the wound edges, and the color of the incision. Encourage the patient to splint the incision during deep-breathing exercises. Assist the patient to maintain a healthy respiratory status by encouraging deep breathing and coughing 10 times every 1 to 2 hours for 72 hours. Turn the patient every 2 hours, and continue to monitor the breath sounds. Encourage the patient to assume a semi-Fowler position while in bed to promote lung expansion.

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