Relieve pain and discomfort from diarrhea by using a heating pad on the abdomen and washing and lubricating the anus. Use universal precautions. Employ scrupulous hand-washing techniques before and after working with the patient who has salmonellosis. Wear gloves when you dispose of feces or any objects that have been contaminated by the patient's feces. Provide regular skin and mouth care, and turn the patient often. While the patient is infected, allow her or him as much rest as possible between activities. Provide a restful atmosphere. To help reduce the patient's temperature, apply tepid wet towels to the patient's groin and axillae.

After joint abscesses have been drained, provide heat, elevation, and passive range-of-motion exercises to decrease swelling and maintain mobility. Explain to the patient the need to report salmonella infections to the local health authority. To prevent future infections, instruct the patient and family to wash their hands thoroughly after defecation and before handling food. Also, instruct the patient to avoid raw eggs or foods prepared with raw eggs, to cook meat and poultry thoroughly, to refrigerate food below 46°F, and to wash the hands after handling animals.

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