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Other types of

Diabetes develops secondary to other conditions, including pancreatic,


hormonal, or endocrine disease and insulin resistance; or it is drug-induced

Malnutrition related

Occurs in underdeveloped countries to individuals with a history

diabetes mellitus

of malnutrition

there have been links to other loci as well. Type 2 is a heterogeneous disease with varied genetic linkage in different populations. In Mexican Americans, loci on chromosomes 2 and 11 have been linked; in Finns, a locus on chromosome 12, while in the Pima Indians another locus on chromosome 7 is implicated. Monozygotic twins show 50% to 100% concordance after age 45. Fifty percent of those affected have an affected parent. Genes associated with DMT2 include Calpain-10 (ch 2)-protease, PPAR and mutations in mitochondrial DNA. Single gene disorders of the beta cell can also cause familial DM.

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Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

Diabetes is a disease that affects the way your body uses food. Normally, your body converts sugars, starches and other foods into a form of sugar called glucose. Your body uses glucose for fuel. The cells receive the glucose through the bloodstream. They then use insulin a hormone made by the pancreas to absorb the glucose, convert it into energy, and either use it or store it for later use. Learn more...

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