5.0 days

MEDICAL: Fracture, Sprain, Strain, and Dislocation of Upper Arm, Lower Leg, or Exterior Foot, Age > 17 with CC 223

2.5 days

SURGICAL: Major Shoulder/Elbow Procedure or Other Upper Extremity Procedure with CC 210

9.0 days

SURGICAL: Hip and Femur Procedures Except Major Joint, Age > 17 with CC

The bony skeleton provides the supporting framework for the human body. Its 206 bones are subject to many stressors, which may result in fractures. Fractures vary in complexity and potential harm to the body. Simple fractures occur with no break from the bone to the outside of the body, whereas compound fractures have an external wound, thus creating contamination of the fracture. Complete fractures occur when bone continuity is completely interrupted, whereas partial fractures (incomplete) interrupt only a portion of bone continuity. Fractures can be classified by fragment position or fracture line (Table 6).

• TABLE 6 Types of Fractures
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