Drug Class




Calcium supplements

Varies by drug

Electrolyte supplement. Emergency supplementation: Calcium gluconate 2 g IV over 10 min followed by an infusion of 6 g in 500 mL D5W over 4-6 hr; oral calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, or calcium chloride. Asymptomatic hypocalcemia can be alleviated with oral calcium citrate, acetate, or carbonate

Correct deficiency

Magnesium sulfate

1 g in 50 mL over 1 hr IV

Electrolyte supplement

Corrects magnesium deficiency; magnesium deficiency needs to be corrected in order to correct calcium deficiency


If the patient has an altered mental status, institute the appropriate safety measures. Provide a quiet, stress-free environment for patients with tetany. Institute seizure precautions for patients with severe hypocalcemia. If tetany is a possibility, maintain an oral or a nasal airway and intubation equipment at the bedside. Initiate patient teaching to prevent future episodes of hypocalcemia.

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