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MEDICAL: Other Digestive System Diagnoses, Age > 17 with CC 154

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SURGICAL: Stomach, Esophageal, and Duodenal Procedures, Age > 17 with CC

Esophageal diverticula, or herniations of the esophageal musoca, are hollow outpouchings of the esophageal wall that occur in three main areas of the esophagus: proximally near the anatomic hypopharyngeal sphincter (Zenker's diverticulum, the most common location); near the midpoint of the esophagus (a midesophageal diverticulum); and just above the lower esophageal sphincter (an epiphrenic diverticulum, the least common location). Food, fluids, and secretions accumulate in these dilated outpouchings, creating discomfort. Aspiration pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and lung abscess may be the result of regurgitating contents of the esophageal diverticula. Esophageal diverticula may also lead to esophageal perforation.

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