The nursing management of patients with VC is challenging because of the interaction between the patient's physical and emotional needs. If the woman has pain from either the surgical procedure or the disease process, explore pain-control methods such as imagery and breathing techniques to manage discomfort. The woman may be depressed and angry. Allow the patient to express her anger and concerns without fear of being judged or discouraged. Provide a private place for her to discuss her concerns with the nurse or significant others. Provide a list of support groups for the patient and her partner.

Teach all female patients to be alert for signs of VC, particularly any unusual discharge or bleeding. Encourage all women over the age of 18 to seek annual checkups, including gynecologic examination. Women should also be taught to perform a genital self-examination at the same time they perform breast self-examination. Teach them to use a mirror to inspect for any changes in the female anatomy and to report any lesions, sores, lumps, or the presence of a persistent itch.

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