doxycycline or cotrimoxazole.

Other Treatment: Antipyretics


The most important intervention is improvement of airway patency. Retained secretions interfere with gas exchange and may cause slow resolution of the disease. Encourage a high level of fluid intake up to 3 L/day to assist in loosening pulmonary secretions and to replace fluid lost via fever and diaphoresis. Provide meticulous sterile technique during endotracheal suctioning of the patient. Chest physiotherapy may be prescribed to assist with loosening and mobilizing secretions.

To maintain the patient's comfort, keep the patient protected from drafts. Institute fever-reducing measures if necessary. To ease the patient's breathing, raise the head of the bed at least 45 degrees, and support the patient's arms with pillows. Provide mouth and skin care and emotional support. Include the patient and family in planning care, and allow them to make choices.

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