650 mg as needed

Nonnarcotic anal

Relieves joint and muscle achiness;


q 4-6 hr

gesic; antipyretic

controls fever

Other Drugs: Ceftriazone at 2 g/d IV for 4 wk may be given intramuscularly if problems occur with venous access problems and can be given once-a-day as an outpatient if the patient is stable. Other antibiotics: cefazolin, nafcillin.


During the acute phase of the disease, provide adequate rest by assisting the patient with daily hygiene. Provide a bedside commode to reduce the physiological stress that occurs with the use of a bedpan. Space all nursing care activities and diagnostic tests to provide the patient with adequate rest. During the first few days of hospital admission, encourage the family to limit visitation.

Emphasize patient education. Individualize a standardized plan of care, and adapt it to meet the patient's needs. Areas for discussion include the cause of the disease and its course, medication regimens, technique for administering antibiotics intravenously, and practices that help avoid and identify future infections.

If the patient is to continue parenteral antibiotic therapy at home, make sure that, before he or she is discharged from the hospital, the patient has all the appropriate equipment and supplies that will be needed. Make a referral to a home health nurse as needed, and provide the patient and family with a list of information that describes when to notify the primary healthcare provider about complications.

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