Other Drugs: Narcotic analgesics such as codeine and meperidine are used to control pain. Nonnarcotics (such as propoxyphene [Darvon]) may also be used. Acute inflammation is usually treated with either a steroid or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


Place the patient in a semi-Fowler position or in a flat position with a pillow between the patient's legs for side-lying to help reduce the pain. Instruct the patient to roll to one side when sitting up

418 Herpes Simplex Virus to minimize pain during position changes. Perform active and passive range-of-motion exercises within the prescribed regimen. Keep a schedule of progress to encourage the patient when he or she becomes discouraged, and provide an estimate of when the patient will return to normal functioning. Allow the patient to direct or perform self-care. Provide meticulous skin care.

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Back Pain Relief

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